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Nokia N97 Review

Nokia n97The Nokia N97 is the world's most advanced mobile computer: a large 3.5" touch display with a full QWERTY keyboard! You can browse the web, navigate with touch and massage your friends faster. Enjoy 32 GB of internal flash memory of your media.

Announced on December 2008, has a worldwide release date of June 2009. Today the N97 is Nokia's second touchscreen phone, after the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. According to some reports, the Nokia N97 in September 2009 would have sold, in just three months, two million phones.

The smartphone also offers 3G support, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS and comes equipped with a 5-megapixel camera.

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Nuvifone, mobile phone and GPS

The American Garmin (always competitor of TomTom), launches Nuvifone, a transformation of GPS in a mobile phone.

You can surf the Internet, working on Hsdpa, with the Google local search capability (search restaurant for the addresses of the area).

It is equipped with 3.5-inch screen from the display and touch (in line with the trend of technological iPhone), multimedia player, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity and navigation software with maps Garmin Europe and America.

It combines the ability of entertainment, thanks to the camera from 3 megapixel camera and digital tools for business (SMS, E-mail, Instant Messaging).

The function “Where am I?” is very interesting. The users touch the screen to display the exact latitude coordinates. If we are traveling the nuvifone allows us to take a picture that will be tagged with the exact latitude, to be able to locate. Just send the photo to a friend with Nuvifone for to guide to reach us.

The Nüvifone was officially presented at 3GSM in Barcelona and will market only to July 2008. For now, enjoy the picture.

Tom Shopper - 23/03/2008

The First Motorola Music Phone FM Transmitter

Express Office Automation Co. has presented The First Motorola Music Phone FM Transmitter in the World . It allows you to transmit the mobile phone calls as well as the MP3's stored in the phone, through the FM Radio.



1. FM Transmitter is designed to transmit audio (MP3 or Phone calls) to any FM Radio,  play the MP3 music stored in your phone through your Car or Home stereo.

2. High quality Microphone on the lead .

3. Automatically turns off the sound coming from your Car Stereo when a call is received or  made , and channels sound through  your Car speaker .

4. Automatically switches back to music after answering phone calls .

5. Stereo Portable Handsfree , listen to your mobile phone's tunes in stereo.


Also compatiable with MOTORAZR V3 , V3i ,V3x ,maxx V6 ,maxx V3 , MOTORIZR Z 3 , MOTOKRZR K1 , and MOTOSLVR L6 , L7 etc.

 You can enjoy the best phone music wherever you are ! 


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Nokia 6230i
The Nokia 6230i is a brilliant phone, one of the best phones on the market that's worth its retail price. The Nokia 6230i looks very smart. It comes in silver, black or even pink. The screen is a good size and the buttons are spaced well and easy to use. The camera is 1.3 megapixel and takes decent photos. You can zoom and self-time which are handy to have. If you click on options and then settings once in the camera, you can change the image quality to high, which provides a small improvement in the quality of the pic. You can also choose to turn off or on the camera noise that "clicks" when you take a picture. The video is also located in the media menu, somewhat confusing under the camera heading. The nokia 6230i can send text messages or multi-media messages. It can record your sent messages, which is handy if you are guilty of sending drunken text messages and can't remember what you've written! Typing a message is easy because the keys are spaced out well and easy to use. The display options are also under settings, where you can choose a wallpaper or screensaver. The images that came with the phone are a bit boring but you can download other images or even set a photograph as your wallpaper. The games include golf, street racer and backgammon II. The organizer menu contains a to-do list, calendar, alarm, notes and wallet function (which i havent used yet). I love the layout of the calendar, which is really useful and practical. The alarm is also great and really does wake you up! Conclusion. The best and worst features of the phone. It has many more options available. The screen is bright and the colours sharp. Small and lightweight, easily fits into a pocket or handbag. A wide range of accessories available. Check out

Nokia Wireless GPS Module
Nokia Wireless GPS Module How many times have you had a meeting or appointment in a part of town you're unfamiliar with - or in another city? Used alongside location-based applications, the Nokia Wireless GPS Module LD-1W can guide you through twisting sidestreets and unfamiliar avenues, helping you arrive on time. Display a map on your mobile phone's color screen and get a - Lo trovi su ter idea of where you're going! Some applications will indicate the best route or even point out restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions and more: a nice tool to have on holiday when exploring a foreign city. Let your mobile phone be your guide with the Nokia Wireless GPS Module. Simply type in the address where you want to go and follow the route map on the display; with the accompanying voice instructions, finding your way is easy. The Nokia Wireless GPS Module LD-1W connects to a compatible phone, PC, or PDA using Bluetooth wireless technology, and works with a number of different applications.

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Nokia N97 Review
The Nokia N97 is the world's most advanced mobile computer: a large 3.5" touch display with a full QWERTY keyboard! You can browse the web, navigate w
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